Achieving qualitatively new opportunities using the technology of quantum transmission and information processing is based on the laws of quantum physics that underlie them. Our company is actively developing in the areas of quantum communication and quantum networks.

Quantum communication provides a secure distribution of quantum bits between two users (Alice and Bob), the sequences of which can in the future be used to encode data. This is achieved through the use of quantum information carriers – qubits, which are photons brought into the necessary quantum state. It is impossible to measure the state of a photon without destroying it, which makes it possible to build on this basis highly protected data transmission channels whose security level is many times greater than any of the current classical approaches.

Today, the use of photonics devices and technologies (in particular, attenuated laser radiation sources for generating quantum states) in practical systems of quantum communication has actually become an industrial standard. Despite the fact that this approach makes the quantum communication devices related to traditional telecommunications, the properties of quantum objects (photons) impose additional restrictions on the parameters of the signals and the transmission medium, and not all technical problems can be solved by “traditional” means. The introduction of quantum devices into existing FOCLs involves a wide range of research projects covering almost all the main areas of telecommunications: from the development of network devices and protocols to the creation of international (regional) communication standards.

Due to the fact that clear requirements for distributed quantum communication networks of the main participants in the secure data exchange infrastructure in the financial, industrial and public sectors are not yet defined and formulated, it is necessary to analyze such requirements depending on the specific application of the technology. The use of technologies of quantum communication software-defined networks (QCSDN) fully meets a number of requirements for the protection of information systems and automated systems, including systems designed to work in the state, financial and industrial fields.

Our company is actively developing in the field of creating technology for constructing software-configurable quantum communication networks and networks with high spectral efficiency in the channel. Improving the spectral efficiency in the channel is also one of the key tasks in the field of creating quantum networks. In the quantum communication systems that we are developing, the high spectral efficiency of using telecommunication communication channels becomes achievable due to the possibility of forming several pairs of side frequencies in the vicinity of one carrier, which can be used as independent quantum channels. This provides the opportunity to implement a complex multi-user quantum network architecture based on passive elements that do not require time synchronization. Using this approach together with WDM technology, a spectral efficiency of 40% can be achieved.

In addition, an important part of the work of the company’s team is the development of new protocols for the quantum communication system at the lateral frequencies of modulated radiation.